We Love WordPress

WordPress is a beautiful environment for adding words to a website.  It’s not easy to sit down and write, but when you use WordPress, inspiration comes naturally.

We’re not the only ones who think so; Lots of people agree.

We here at Feed.Us admire WordPress.  The interface is so clean and it’s easy to use, especially for less-technical writers.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: we just integrated WordPress.com with Feed.Us so that our customers can create and edit posts from WordPress and have it automatically update their Feed.Us-powered websites.

I’m writing this post on my WordPress.com account.  We setup Feed.Us to use WordPress’s “WebHooks” API.  So, when I publish this post here, on WordPress.com, it’ll automatically show up in Feed.Us and then get published to our Feed.Us blog.

Unfortunately, the normal way to add WordPress to a Website is not quite as inspiring as the software itself.   Download, unzip, install, customize, plugin, update (rinse, repeat).  With Feed.Us you can avoid that hassle – Feed.Us works on any site, server or platform all via “the cloud“… and not just PHP.

Some examples of using WordPress.com with Feed.Us:

  • A publisher integrates Feed.Us into existing site.   No separate site and hosting just for WordPress.  And the writers are happy – they get WordPress.com.
  • A web developer replaces a block of text with Feed.Us. Client uses WordPress.com to make changes without bothering the developer.
  • A documentation writer for a Rails Web App uses WordPress.com and the web developer integrates Feed.Us within the Web App.

Talk to us about how we can help you use WordPress on your site.


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